Bat FAQ's

Why is there an inspection fee for bat removal?  

We have a $149.00 inspection fee for a couple reasons.  One is because we use it to gauge the seriousness of the person that is calling looking to have the bats removed.  The fee is taken off the top of the quote should you use our service.  The second reason is that we are very busy doing bat removal, bird control, and mole trapping.  Adding appointments does take a lil away from being able to get to these services for our existing clients and it covers our time as the average bat inspection takes 30 min to 2 hours to do effectively. 

What is the average cost for bat removal?   

This is a very hard question for us to answer,  my best response is it is like giving a haircut over the phone...just doesn't work.  Each building is different whether commercial, residential, or industrial.  Gaps 1/2" or larger must be inspected and sealed to prevent re-entry of bats and entries that are existing need one way bat valves installed and then a return trip must happen to take off those bat valves a few weeks later and those places sealed.  During the inspection all these will be taken into account as well as access to those areas like ladder or aerial lift needed and the steepness of the roof all play a factor in the total cost.  Our minimum base cost is $650.00 plus tax.  The range goes from $650 and up depending on the factors above. 

Emergency Bat Removal inside living area of the structure 24 hours a day 

...Between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Mon-Fri it is $195.00... after hours and All Day Saturday or Sunday is $295.00 

As I am coming out, please stay within eyesight of the bat(s) or block off the room the bat(s) are in so removal can be quick and we both can get our day/night back

  • Fully Licensed & Insured for Bat Removal Work

  • $149.00 Inspection Fee to determine the extent of your bat problem...

  • After inspection I will give a quote based on what I find to seal up any gaps 1/2" or larger, screen off any vents, and should you go with my quote, I will deduct the paid $149.00 inspection fee off the top of the quote.  (Emergency Bat Removal Fees are not deductible)

  • 1 year Warranty comes with most bat exclusions...additional years warranties are available at an additional cost

  • Bats are active mostly at predawn throughout the night

  • Bat season is approaching and as babies are being of August 8th, am getting calls daily and overnights for bats in the house.  They will be able to fly by august 15th.  

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