Bird Stealth Net 

Midwest Bird Control Proudly Installs Bird Barrier Products...BECAUSE THEY WORK

  • Effective against all bird species
  • Highly resistant to ultraviolet (U.V.) rays
  • ​Available in a variety of colors to fit most situations
  • ​Virtually invisible unless up close
  • Low Profile installation system
  • ​Product is made of high density Polyethylene twine
  • Very tough material...can withstand pressure
  • Flame Resistant
  • ​Will not rot or absorb water
  • ​Widely used on government and historical properties


StealthNet bird netting is one of the most versatile solutions for bird control, providing a discreet yet effective barrier against all types of nuisance birds without inflicting harm on the birds themselves. StealthNet products offer you a permanent way to stop bird droppings from damaging your valuable property. It provides a defense against pest birds that balloons, fake owls, or bird spikes won't accomplish.  Birds that are nesting are considered a Heavy situation.  They will fight to stay there so a more permanent barrier must be utilized.  StealthNet is that permanent barrier and used in the right situation and installed correctly, is extremely effective.

​Examples of places bird StealthNet can be installed would be:



​Open Soffits

Under Decks

Sports Stadiums

​Loading Docks

​Open Ceiling Plans that birds can access from the outside



Equistrian Stables

​Overhanging Eaves

​Vertical Windows 


​Roof Tops that have pools, outside patios on roof, or hvac equipment

​Utility enclosures



Visit Midwest Bird Control for more information regarding bird netting.

​An inspection must be done by a certified installer (Midwest Bird Control is a Certified installer of Bird Barrier Products)​  Fill out form to the right to request an inspection and quote.  Inspection/quote free inside 60 miles of 50021​.  Call for price for inspection/quote outside of 60 miles.

Midwest Bird Control will travel statewide in Iowa and even across the USA to install bird StealthNet. 

City in Iowa or IA

Des Moines Ankeny West Des Moines
Altoona Saylorville Urbandale
Clive Windsor Heights Grimes
Waukee Norwalk Indianola
Johnston Ames Beaverdale
 Runnels Pleasant Hill Carlisle
Bondurant Mitchellville Granger Prairie City Polk City Madrid Adel Dallas Center Cummings Valley Junction Huxley Slater Maxwell Elkhart Norwoodville Berwick Cambridge Nevada
County: Story Jasper
Polk Dallas
Pella Knoxville Otley
Monroe Pleasantiville ​St Charles

Iowa City




Mason City

Fort Dodge


Sioux City



Council Bluffs


Cedar Rapids


Cedar Falls

Clear Lake

Rural Iowa






StealthNet installed correctly will have no drooping and be tight.  It will protect from bird entries for years and years.  It is literally the long term investment into bird protection of your property.

Droppings of birds are actually acidic and can house many diseases.  Areas like this canopy roof over top of this gas station can eventually cause a huge problem.  StealthNet installed over the canopy resolved the situation..See pic below.

The "Biggest" Mole & Vole Trapper in Central Iowa


​​(515) 257-0470

StealthNet can be installed over entire roof tops to keep birds from accessing hvac units and other things on the roof including an outdoor patio or pool area.  Light, Wind, Rain can still go through as before but birds can not.

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