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Professional Mouse Control

Areas To Inspect and Seal Up

  • ​Inside
    • ​​cabinets, under sinks, anywhere holes are formed to run wiring and pipes
    • closets near floor corners
    • around the fireplace
    • around doors
    • around floor vents and dryer vents
    • ​any access to attic
  • ​Outside
    • ​​Roof to include any vents
    • ​gable (louvered) vents
    • ​around windows
    • connecting roof lines
    • dormer corners
    • ​gutter edges
    • ​around foundation especially corners and where the foundation meets the wall
    • under doors
    • furnace, bathroom, and dryer vents
    • under doors
    • any pipe or wiring entering into home

​TRapper's Wildlife Control, LLC can inspect all these for mice entries and provide a quote to seal up all these areas to be effective against mice entry.  (Important to note:  some areas of a home may not be accessible due to height requirements, low decks, etc and may not be able to be sealed)


Rodenticide Control & Prevention

  • ​​Outside only