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Rodenticide Baits

Baits should not ever be used inside living space because the mice can die anywhere and are subject to producing strong odors and also bait inside keeps the mice….inside.  Not Good!!

Baiting programs around the exterior provide great protection inside the living space and attic by continually dealing with the mice outside. Tamper resistant bait stations available to the pest management professional secure block baits on rods which force the mice to consume rather than translocate the bait to other unsecured areas that pets and kids may have access to.

By placing enough of these stations around the outside and replenishing the bait quarterly, the inside living space and attic are protected from mice.  TRapper’s Wildlife Control, LLC provides this service quarterly.

$70.00 plus tax 

(There is a one time set up fee of $30.00 per bait station installed, (minimum of 3 bait stations), and this includes the first service.)

Mouse Proofing---Free Inspection/Quote

A mouse can squeeze through an opening the size of a dime or a gap as small as 1/4 inch. Therefore a thorough inspection from the outside must be diligent. Using tools for the inspection such as a high lumen flashlight and an inspection mirror can allow all areas to be sealed to be seen effectively.

Common entrances are around utility pipes, conduit, hose bibs, etc. Gaps around windows, doors, siding and brick are also suspect.

Solutions include screening, weather-stripping, caulking, and sometimes tuck-pointing.
​ Sealing all gaps that mice could enter can sometimes be near impossible due to decks that are too small to fit under, etc. sealing up all reachable areas definitely helps and I can give a quote to seal those reachable areas...


There are three simple concepts for successful trapping—baiting, placement, and numbers. When baiting a trap remember to tease and not feed. Place a drop of vanilla under the trigger. To get the smell the mouse must move the trigger. Also place a teasing smear of peanut butter high on the trigger. If the mice have been inside eating a particular food source, then that can be an effective bait also.

When possible, place a trap perpendicular to a wall. This allow the mouse to encounter the trigger from either direction as it follows the wall. If the space does not allow perpendicular placement, place 2 along the wall with the triggers to the outside.

Glue traps are not highly recommended as they generally catch only the young and the old while the reproductive adults remain. Also when caught they are alive and should be dispatched quickly. A mouse that has struggled to escape the glue trap is going to be extremely difficult to catch a second time.

Use several traps to catch even one mouse. This increases success to your favor.

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