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Bird Removal Article by TRapper

.Don't Let the Birds be the Brain of Your Home or Business .

Problems Caused By Birds .

There are many reasons to rid your property of pest birds. The following are some areas that may concern you. .

Image----  Birds sitting, roosting, or even nesting on and in store front signs, or droppings all over the place in front of the entrance or along the sidewalk to a business can and will send a message to visitors that the business practices are sloppy and probably shouldn't be trusted. .

Health Risk--- Birds, their droppings and nesting materials can carry at least 60 different diseases that can be passed to humans and animals. .

Cost of Cleanup---  Businesses that clean up after birds day after day after day are just wasting money and if their employees are not wearing the correct safety equipment, they are exposing them to health risks that will bring lawsuits and even possibly, extreme sickness and even possibly death. .

Stopping of Work Progress---  Employees should not and will not work in areas that are unsafe due to accumulations of bird droppings .

Slip and Falling Risks---  Droppings are slippery. If a customer or employee falls they may sue the owner of the building .

Property and Equipment Damage---  Droppings are very acidic and the acid will eat through paint, even some roofing materials and fabric. These things will need restoration or even complete replacement .

Rooftop Clogged Drains---  Droppings and Nesting Materials regularly clog drains, causing severe damage to rooftops during heavy rains .

Inventory Damage---  Droppings can damage products making them look unsightly and cause your customers to not buy from you due to unsanitary conditions and they can even contaminate production lines. .

Pest Bird Control problems are everywhere we look. I see them all the time on store front signs, parapet walls, rooftops, HVAC units, Awnings, etc. All of these started as light pressure situations and could have been prevented if the correct method was utilized. . When the phrases pop up like "Birds on my Store Signs" or "These birds I have are a big pest and I can't control them", the wisdom pours out of the other person(s). Many people have some object or trick to take care of a pest bird problem. They suggest a fake owl, fake snake, bird spikes, flashy tape, loud music, hot foot, poisons, etc. Then you go out and buy one of these "fixes" at the local hardware store, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. and proceed to use your store bought repellent to "fix" your bird problem. This is how the majority of bird control programs are started. Lets take a look at what bird pressure is and what kinds of "repellents" work the best in each situation. .

Light Pressure . Light Bird Pressure is defined as take it or leave it sites for pest birds. They may stop by after a meal to take in the warmth of the afternoon sun, like the parapet (top of building) around an office building. The absence of food and shelter makes it a casual daytime loafing spot. They stop at these places infrequently and they are not causing much damage save for a few droppings that the rain might wash away. The repellents mentioned above like the fake owl, fake snake, etc. will work in these areas. These birds can be scared away easily as they have not taken hold of the location. If nothing is done, these birds will take up residence at these places and the problem will get worse. .

Medium Pressure. Medium pressure is defined as an area where they observe food opportunities or rest in the afternoon for many different reasons. They're fairly committed to the site, but they don't roost or nest there. These birds have found this place to be a safe place to stay in between feedings and they use this area frequently. Fake owls, snakes, etc. will not work in this area as they will fight to be able to stay there. These areas are more suitable for bird spikes if the problem is pigeons, but spikes make a great place for starlings and smaller birds to nest as they are usually unaffected by bird spikes and they make great holders for nesting material. Always be careful where bird spikes are placed. Other products like shock track, bird wire, bird netting, etc. will work in these places without any removal of birds by trapping. .

Heavy Pressure . Heavy pressure is defined as birds that are extremely committed to an area. Chances are they were born on/in this area, usually a protected overnight roost and may have raised their own young in the same place, thus they consider this area home. They react to bird deterrent products much like you would if you found plywood nailed over your front door of your home; you'd be determined to get past it. Heavy pressure sites always provide the birds shelter from the elements. This is where you have to be determined to win the fight. Fake owls, snakes, loud music, etc. will not ever work in these situations. Many bird problems are allowed to get to this point and these are the ones that are the hardest to overcome. This situation is the one we spend so much time learning about to be able to solve. These birds must be physically removed from the area as they will fight to stay. Trapping to remove the resident flock is needed and then deterrents such as shock track, netting, wire, and spikes will be able to work effectively. Installing these products is not just merely buying them and putting them on, a trained professional such as us is needed to be able to make sure they are working properly and maintained. A bad installation means money spent that you cannot get back and still have a problem. This kind of pressure is not a cheap fix, these take more time and money to solve the problem.

Bird Spikes DO NOT work for Sparrows...they actually help the birds in their nesting...see examples below

Common House Sparrow

Psalms 73:26

The "Biggest" Mole & Vole Trapper in Central Iowa


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